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Version History

July 12, 20164.10Major Update

The major update of vCard Wizard delivers the support of Microsoft Exchange (Office 365,, as well as numerous fixes and improvements.

New features:
  • Exchange (Office 365, is supported both as a source and destination for transfer
  • The Comma Separated Values file format (.CSV) is supported both as a source and destination for transfer;
  • Free Edition limitation: Up to 5 contacts only;
  • More detailed transfer status messages in the last step of the transfer in case of errors or partial transfer.
Issues fixed:
  • vCard will crash if you try to check/uncheck the list in the "Filter Contacts" dialog, when transferring more than 10,000 contacts;
  • When activating the software from the application window – the add-in would still think that it was not activated until you restart Outlook and vice versa - in case vCard would be activated from the add-in – the application would still think that it was in the Trial mode;
  • many other cosmetic user interface fixes and other minor issues.

March 30, 20164.03Major Update

vCard Wizard has been updated with an improved installation process.


December 23, 20154.02.0183Major Update

This update is related to bug fixes found in the previous version.

Issues Fixed:

  • Issue where users could not install vCardWizard without Microsoft Outlook installed on their PCs.

September 30, 20154.01.0182Major Update

This update of vCard Wizard was dedicated to fix several user experience issues and enable 5 contacts transfers for Google and iCloud in the Free version.

New Features:

  • Transfer of up to 5 contacts from / to Google or iCloud for free. With the Free version of vCard Wizard, users now will be able to transfer Google and iCloud (Apple) contacts, but only 5 at a time.

Issues Fixed:

  • The “About” screen is available to be opened from application by clicking the newly added “About” button, so that users can utilize features from there (“Check for Update”; “Activate” and other).
  • In case the application is minimized, starting it again makes it active and maximized now.
  • After the application is started, a splash screen is shown until the user interface is loaded and displayed.
  • Several other minor issues were fixed.

August 17, 20154.00.0175Major Update

This major update of vCard Wizard introduces support of new sources - Google Gmail Contacts and Apple iCloud Contacts. The new wizard allows transferring contacts from Outlook, vCard file, Google or iCloud to any of the following sources: vCard file, Outlook, Gmail or iCloud.

New Features*:

  • Import/export, transfer, convert and merge contacts from multiple sources: Gmail Contacts, Google Contacts, iCloud Contacts, Microsoft Outlook Contacts and vCard (VCF) files.
  • Merge the selected contacts from multiple sources.
  • Transfer contacts between your Android and iPhone devices using Gmail and iCloud.
  • Save the selected contacts from multiple sources to the destination of your choice.
  • Convert any number of contacts to a vCard (VCF) file and send it as an email attachment to share the contacts with your friends.
  • Use advanced filtering. Select contacts to export by various criteria: by search, by source or by source groups.
  • Avoid importing duplicate contacts.
  • Use vCard Wizard without Microsoft Outlook installed.
  • Request additional enterprise sources, such as: CSV and XLS files, Office365, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SalesForce, other CRM contacts, LinkedIn, SurveyMonkey and other contact sources
  • Request additional personal use sources, such as: Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, AT&T address book and other contact sources.
  • Tested on Windows 10 and Office 2016 Preview.

*Free version only supports Microsoft Outlook and vCard (VCF) files as contact sources.
Other Free Version limitations:
Google, iCloud and other sources are not available;
Saving of multiple contacts into one vCard file is not supported;
Import/Export is limited to 5 contacts at a time.


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