How to import contacts to Gmail

Software designed to import address book to Gmail from Outlook, iPhone, iCloud or vCard files

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The best software to import any contacts to Gmail

  • Easy to use.

    Get started in minutes. Install vCard Wizard Contacts Converter on your PC and simple instructions will guide you through the process.
  • Transfer contacts to any source

    Import contacts to Gmail from iCloud, iPhone, Microsoft Outlook or a vCard (vcf) files.
    Request additional source, e.g. CSV/XSL files, Office 365 SalesForce CRM, etc.
  • Merge Contacts from multiple sources.

    Consolidate contacts from multiple iCloud/Google accounts and other sources.
    Filter selected contacts and remove duplicates in just a few seconds.

How to import contacts to Gmail

vCard Wizard Contacts Converter Pro Edition is the easiest way to import contacts to Gmail or any other source from Android, iPhone, iCloud, Mac and Microsoft Outlook.

Follow these simple steps to import contacts to Gmail:
  1. Download, install and launch vCard Wizard Contacts Converter on your PC;
  2. Select your contacts source: iCloud, Google, Outlook or vCard files;
  3. Select Google as your transfer destination. Log in and click Next;
  4. Choose the contacts you want to import, confirm your selection and click Transfer.
In just a few seconds, the contacts you have imported from the selected sources will appear in your Gmail Contacts.

Thousands of customers worldwide trust our vCard Wizard Contacts Converter.

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