Version History

February 28, 20234.28.0253Major Update

This new vCard Wizard update includes latest fixes for Microsoft Office 365 / login logic, and some other important improvements.

Functional Updates:

  • Microsoft Office 365 / login has been improved to support the latest Microsoft login scenarios.
  • Launching speed increased for users with lots of connected storage files in Outlook.

Issues Fixed:

  • Some UI fixes have been implemented for customers with display settings with increased scale and layout size.

June 9, 20224.27Major Update

The update has a fixed login to Exchange source.

Issues Fixed:

  • It was not possible to add Microsoft 365 / Exchange / as a contacts source to the application.
  • Fixed an issue where contacts could not be imported to Microsft Outlook 2021 from vCard files.
  • In certain scenarios, the wrong application bit version would be installed.

January 15, 20214.26Major Update

Changed how a new Google source is added for contacts transfer. Default browser will be used to login and grant permission to tranfser contacts instead of logging in within the application.

July 20, 20204.25Major Update

Update includes a lot of functional improvements and a bug fix.

New Features:

  • Updated Office365 CSV mapping fields..
  • Empty conflicting fields will be displayed even if "Hide empty fields" is enabled.
  • Updated how activate dialog can be used when product has PRO version already activated, and PRO PLUS activation is required.

Issues Fixed:

  • In certain scenarios Microsoft Outlook contact photos were not transferred to .vcf files.

December 30, 20194.24Major Update

The issue where Google account could not be added as contacts source or destination was fixed.

November 29, 20194.23Major Update

The major feature of the update - Microsoft Excel file support. You can now transfer from and to Excel files (.xls/.xlsx). Some of the reported issues were fixed as well.

New Features:

  • Transfer from Excel files - formats .xls/.xls/.xlsm. Multiple sheets of the Excel file can be selected to be transferred as well. Excel file can be selected or scanned for in a selected folder.
  • Transfer to Excel file - formats .xls/.xlsx.
  • Added Excel file support to PRO PLUS edition of the the application. Mapping wizard also supports mapping of Excel files (as source and destination). Any sheet can be selected to be remapped.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where CSV files created by the application would not open properly on Excel.
  • Small Improvement was made for mapping search.

April 25, 20194.22.0231Major Update

Product update includes: An even better access to the CSV Mapping wizard. When user attempts to transfer a CSV file that is not recognized, that CSV file can be remapped seamlessly! Improved German localization Bug fixes and general improvements

December 4, 20184.21Major Update

This update makes it easier to review and/or remap transferred CSV file.

October 11, 20184.20Major Update

This update includes new functionality - manual CSV file mapping. The functionality allows changing already existing mapping to whatever user wants. The field preview of every mapped field will be displayed on the user interface. User can use already existing mapping profiles or create new ones.

Functional Updates

  • CSV Mapping Wizard – Manually map any CSV files (not only containing contacts). User can review CSV default suggested mapping. If user selects Outlook, Office365, Google, iCloud, Nokia as source file, contact fields will be mapped automatically
  • Two Different Payable Editions – “PRO PLUS” added to shopping cart of vCard Wizard. PRO version will still allow transferring contacts from any source to any source. “PRO PLUS” – new license that will allow to map any CSV files manually. By purchasing “PRO PLUS” user will get the benefits of “PRO” version as well.
  • German translation of the application was improved.

Issues Fixed

  • iCloud login dialog displayed wrong text.

June 20, 20184.13Major Update

This is a routine update dedicated to make sure vCard Wizard runs stable and without issues on latest environment, therefore includes latest versions of components:

  • Lib4Team 3.90.396.0
  • Lib4Updates
  • Redemption
  • Outlook Premium Support

January 10, 20184.12Major Update

The major update of vCard Wizard delivers greatly improved Import and Export using CSV (.csv) files, as well as numerous fixes and improvements.

New features:

  • Google format (.CSV) is supported both as a source and destination for transfer;
  • Nokia PC Suite created (.CSV) files is supported as a source for transfer;
  • Localized Outlook format (.CSV) files in German, French, Spanish languages are supported both as a source and destination for transfer.

Issues fixed:

  • Usage with FHD, 2K, 4K screen resolutions.

June 28, 20174.11.0198Major Update

The new version fixes the issue with the iCloud login. From now on vCard Wizard supports the iCloud login update with app-specific passwords.

Issues Fixed

vCard Wizard Issues:

  • Fixed the issue with the iCloud Login.


February 10, 20174.11Major Update

The new version delivers a better support for non-English languages. This update also includes some important fixes and functionality improvements.


July 12, 20164.10Major Update

The major update of vCard Wizard delivers the support of Microsoft Exchange (Office 365,, as well as numerous fixes and improvements.

New features:
  • Exchange (Office 365, is supported both as a source and destination for transfer
  • The Comma Separated Values file format (.CSV) is supported both as a source and destination for transfer;
  • Free Edition limitation: Up to 5 contacts only;
  • More detailed transfer status messages in the last step of the transfer in case of errors or partial transfer.
Issues fixed:
  • vCard will crash if you try to check/uncheck the list in the "Filter Contacts" dialog, when transferring more than 10,000 contacts;
  • When activating the software from the application window – the add-in would still think that it was not activated until you restart Outlook and vice versa - in case vCard would be activated from the add-in – the application would still think that it was in the Trial mode;
  • many other cosmetic user interface fixes and other minor issues.

March 30, 20164.03Major Update

vCard Wizard has been updated with an improved installation process.


December 23, 20154.02.0183Major Update

This update is related to bug fixes found in the previous version.

Issues Fixed:

  • Issue where users could not install vCardWizard without Microsoft Outlook installed on their PCs.

September 30, 20154.01.0182Major Update

This update of vCard Wizard was dedicated to fix several user experience issues and enable 5 contacts transfers for Google and iCloud in the Free version.

New Features:

  • Transfer of up to 5 contacts from / to Google or iCloud for free. With the Free version of vCard Wizard, users now will be able to transfer Google and iCloud (Apple) contacts, but only 5 at a time.

Issues Fixed:

  • The “About” screen is available to be opened from application by clicking the newly added “About” button, so that users can utilize features from there (“Check for Update”; “Activate” and other).
  • In case the application is minimized, starting it again makes it active and maximized now.
  • After the application is started, a splash screen is shown until the user interface is loaded and displayed.
  • Several other minor issues were fixed.

August 17, 20154.00.0175Major Update

This major update of vCard Wizard introduces support of new sources - Google Gmail Contacts and Apple iCloud Contacts. The new wizard allows transferring contacts from Outlook, vCard file, Google or iCloud to any of the following sources: vCard file, Outlook, Gmail or iCloud.

New Features*:

  • Import/export, transfer, convert and merge contacts from multiple sources: Gmail Contacts, Google Contacts, iCloud Contacts, Microsoft Outlook Contacts and vCard (VCF) files.
  • Merge the selected contacts from multiple sources.
  • Transfer contacts between your Android and iPhone devices using Gmail and iCloud.
  • Save the selected contacts from multiple sources to the destination of your choice.
  • Convert any number of contacts to a vCard (VCF) file and send it as an email attachment to share the contacts with your friends.
  • Use advanced filtering. Select contacts to export by various criteria: by search, by source or by source groups.
  • Avoid importing duplicate contacts.
  • Use vCard Wizard without Microsoft Outlook installed.
  • Request additional enterprise sources, such as: CSV and XLS files, Office365, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SalesForce, other CRM contacts, LinkedIn, SurveyMonkey and other contact sources
  • Request additional personal use sources, such as: Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, AT&T address book and other contact sources.
  • Tested on Windows 10 and Office 2016 Preview.

*Free version only supports Microsoft Outlook and vCard (VCF) files as contact sources.
Other Free Version limitations:
Google, iCloud and other sources are not available;
Saving of multiple contacts into one vCard file is not supported;
Import/Export is limited to 5 contacts at a time.

August 9, 20133.01.0159Major Update

This update deals with the vCard Wizard installing incorrectly on computers running “Click-to-Run” version of Outlook. Installation now automatically detects computers running “Click-to-Run” version of Outlook 32 bit or 64 bit and installs the appropriate edition.

Issues fixed:

  • vCard Wizard was not installing on computers running “Click-to-Run” version of Outlook

May 10, 20133.00.0158Major Update

This new release, apart from the brand new logo, introduces the free version of the product with limitation of 5 contacts, a new contact selection dialog, a new fresh design for the export /import wizard, and new functionality to send specified contacts as attachments via e-mail.

Functional updates:
  • New contacts selection dialog. Now you can choose contacts you wish to export / import in the easy-to-use contact selection dialog with the ability to sort out and filter the list.
  • Re-designed export / import wizard dialogs.
  • Send specified contacts as attachments via e-mail. Choose several or all contacts, convert them to a vCard file and automatically attach it to the e-mail message.
  • Fetch contacts from e-mail with vCard attachments. Extract contacts from the vCard files received via e-mail.
  • Free version. Now you can enjoy some benefits of the product by using the free version.
  • Support of Windows 8 and Outlook 2013 added. A number of issues were fixed in this update to correctly support the latest Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Outlook 2013 editions.
  • Support of vCard file encodings for a number of languages has been added.
  • Support of additional vCard file properties used by the latest Outlook versions has been added.
Issues fixed:
  • Import of some data of vCard file failed if “base64” encoding was used for text properties.
  • Import of some data of vCard file failed due to case-sensitive property names.
  • Import of some data of vCard file failed if parameters were separated by the comma symbol.
  • The application now works in the Unicode mode, which resolves a number of issues related to displaying contact data in some languages.
  • In some cases the “;” symbols were imported in suffix of the contact.
  • The application would crash in some scenarios when trying to export contacts of large sizes (more than 100Kb) into the vCard file.
  • Identical and duplicate contacts were not reported as skipped in the import report.
  • Contacts that had apostrophe in the Full Name or Company fields were not detected as duplicates during importing with the “Do not import duplicates” or “Overwrite duplicates” options checked.
  • The default folder was not suggested when using export / import wizard for the first time. Now the “My Documents” folder is suggested by default.
  • In some scenarios the “Welcome screen” and “vCard Wizard Actions” dialogs would open below Outlook main window when Outlook starts.
  • Some dialogs related to product information were shown always in English on the 64-bit edition of the product regardless of the language that was chosen during the product installation.
  • In some cases, the application dialogs were not shown in Windows XP style on Windows XP.

July 1, 20112.51.0143Minor Update

Issues Fixed:
  • Contacts were imported into Outlook without photos with some types of vCard files.
  • Contacts from vCard files exported from iPhone had no Company entry in some cases when importing them to Outlook.
  • Notes field that contained several empty spaces were exported, creating unnecessary entries in vCard file.

October 8, 20102.50.0141Major Update

Functional Updates:
  • Outlook 2010 64-bit edition support added. Installation now automatically detects Microsoft Outlook version and installs the appropriate edition.
  • The descriptions within the selection list of encoding have been updated.
Issues Fixed:
  • Outlook 2000 would crash in some cases during startup.
  • Labels have been added to ribbon controls in Outlook 2010.
  • Multiple "warning" alert entries would be written in error log file in some cases.

July 14, 20102.42Minor Update

Functional Updates:
  • Improved support of VCF files exported from Apple Mac OS and BlackBerry. Some additional specific rules were added to better support the vCard file format exported from some Apple Mac OS applications, and from BlackBerry devices.
  • If path is entered manually in the "Export vCard" dialog, but such folder doesn't exist on the location, it is now suggested to create it.
  • New improved dialog in trial mode providing more information about the product trial limitation.
Issues Fixed:
  • A photo image was not imported if encoding "B" was used in the VCF file, or if no encoding was specified (BlackBerry support issue)
  • Data could not be imported when the "Type" tag in a vCard file was containing several values divided by colon (BlackBerry support issue)
  • Importing of a vCard file failed when this file contained a non-standard "line brake" symbol (Mac OS issue)
  • The application toolbar and menu would not appear if more than one Outlook window is open
  • Outlook 2002 would crash in some cases during export / import
  • Outlook would crash in some cases while importing a vCard where the "NetMeetingServer" parameter existed, but the "NetMeetingAlias" parameter was missing

November 20, 20092.41Minor Update

Functional Updates:
  • French and Spanish language support added.The product was translated and fully tested with French and Spanish editions of Windows and Outlook.
Issues Fixed:
  • E-mail from contact was not exported correctly in some cases, if this e-mail address was associated with an Exchange server e-mail account
  • On contacts with undefined e-mail address type Outlook would crash in some cases during export process
  • Some texts were corrected in the German language version
  • Re-activation will be required when upgrading from version older than 2.40
  • The trial will not be extended if any previous version was installed

September 22, 20092.40Major Update

New Features and changes:
  • Export/import of contact photos is now supported.
  • Support of Outlook 2010 is added. The product was tested and updated to support Outlook 2010 already. A new separate tab now appears in Outlook 2010.
  • Option to open folder with exported/imported items is added. The folder where items were exported/imported can now be automatically opened by selecting the appropriate checkbox in the import/export wizard.
  • Support of additional encodings is added to support some vCard files from different Mac OS applications.
  • Notes field from VCF file created in Lotus Organizer would import only partially in some cases
  • In some cases the address field would not import correctly, if it contained specific non-standard formatting in VCF file
  • If the VCF file has unrecognized photo data, such contact would not be imported at all. Now unrecognized data is skipped, but other data is retrieved and imported into Outlook

February 3, 20082.31Minor Update

November 19, 20072.30.0103Major Update

New Features and changes:
  • Support of vCard Files Created by Microsoft Entourage 2004
  • A New "Report a Problem" Form Included
  • In German edition an English text with instructions appeared after unsuccessfull activation in Activation Wizard
  • In vCard files format 2.1 the text encoding of the contact notes was not imported into Outlook in some cases resulting in an unreadable non-English text
  • Incorrect activation problem description appeared in some cases after unsuccessfull activation in Activation Wizard

September 20, 20072.25.0101Minor Update

New Features and changes:
  • German localization
  • Icon on Desktop and in Quick Launch bar is now added, and wizard can be started when Outlook is not running
  • Special Import/Export selection form added with action selection

March 30, 20072.24.0089Minor Update

New Features and changes:
  • Interfaces upgraded
  • Support for Windows Vista and Office 2007
  • Activation on Windows Vista

November 3, 20062.23.0085Minor Update

  • installation problem fixed (Error 1722). Outlook 2000 and 2002

June 15, 20062.20.0075Major Update

  • Activation was automatically resetting in some cases
  • Issue with import from Outlook Express when ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE text was added
  • Help button on some dialogs was opening incorrect help page

April 21, 20062.20.0043Minor Update

  • improved support for Lotus Notes

March 1, 20062.00.0041Major Update

New Features and changes:
  • Support for multiple languages and encoding.
  • Customize the list of available encodings.
  • improved performance with large contacts folders
  • problems from previous version were fixed.

October 6, 20052.00.0025Minor Update

New Features and changes:
  • Support for import single line format Vcard (.vcf) files added.
  • Product renamed to Vcard Wizard.

May 16, 20052.00.0021Minor Update

  • Lotus Notes Vcard compatibility
  • Address data is not imported
  • Activations for users of previous versions

May 6, 20052.00.0018Major Update

  • Support for Vcard version. 2.1 and v.3.0.
  • Save/Convert all or selected contacts in one .vcf file.
  • Export/Convert selected contacts to the Vcard format files in the windows folder
  • Correct export/import of all Outlook contact fields.
  • Many problems from previous version were fixed.

June 21, 20041.4.15Minor Update

Major Enhancements:
  • Import improvements
  • file size is twice as small
  • fixed import bug

February 19, 20041.4.12Major Update

Major Enhancements:
  • Import/Export improvements for large contacts data.
  • Duplication problems was solved.
  • Minor bugs was fixed

October 28, 20031.3.5Minor Update

Tested with Outlook 2003

August 22, 20031.3.3Major Update

First Release


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